The Ideal Las Vegas Activities for Kids


Taking a trip to Las Vegas can be made ten times more exciting if you bring your kids along with you – but of course, you shouldn’t take that decision lightly, and make sure that you prepare yourself with a good amount of information regarding where you can take the little angels in order to help them have a fun time as much as you. Thankfully, Las Vegas is full of kids-friendly places and there are lots of options to choose from if you’re looking to keep your kids entertained – some of the Las Vegas activities for kids will even be interesting for most grown-ups so don’t be quick to disregard them! All kids love thrills – well, mostly all kids – and there’s hardly anything that successfully gets your adrenaline pumping better than a rollercoaster! One of the most famous … [Read more...]

Unique and Fun Things to Do in Vegas


There’s certainly no lack of fun things to do in Vegas, so if you’re paying a visit to the city and want to make the most from your time, there are definitely lots of opportunities for that around here. You just need to know how to organize your time, because this huge variety of places to explore can work against your favor by making you spend too much time wondering where to go next – this is actually the most common problem experienced by newcomers to Vegas who simply don’t know how to organize their trips properly in advance. Caesar’s Palace is among the more interesting attractions in the area, and even though its popularity has declined somewhat in recent times due to the increasing interest in the Fall of Atlantis Show, this still remains a must-see for everyone who loves … [Read more...]

Having Fun in Vegas Is Anything but Hard


If you’re having trouble to find something fun in Vegas, then you’re simply doing it wrong – this is one of the most interesting places in the whole world when it comes to entertaining yourself and spending some quality time with all sorts of attractions and celebrities, so if you want to make the most from your time there, all you have to do is sit down and examine the different opportunities available to you for spending your time in an interesting manner. Let’s have a look at some of the best ideas for making the most of your time in Vegas and enjoying yourself fully! In case you’re a fan of art, you will definitely want to give a chance to the Arts Factory – a gathering place for people involved in visual arts of all kinds, including photographers, painters and graphic designers. … [Read more...]

Fun Activities for Kids in Vegas


Bringing your kids along for your trip to Las Vegas can be a great idea – but you have to be responsible about it and ensure that the little ones won’t get bored out of their minds once you get the trip going. There are numerous ways to make that trip more interesting for them if you can just spend a little time exploring all your options, so definitely check to make sure that you’re prepared with at least several interesting ideas for fun activities for kids in Las Vegas! The Gondola in St. Mark’s Square is a great opportunity to spend some exciting time with your kids – it’s actually one of the most popular attractions for younger visitors around here, and it offers lots of potential fun if you manage to reserve a spot on it – that’s an important point to make because slots … [Read more...]

Experience the Best Activities in Las Vegas!

When it comes to offering things to do and fill your time with, there’s hardly any better place in the world than Las Vegas – with so many opportunities to enjoy yourself during your stay here, this is the perfect place to take your next holiday to, especially if you enjoy activities more closely related to modern times. There’s a little something for everyone here – you just have to know the best places and when to go to them in order to get their most attractive deals. If you’re stuck on ideas about interesting activities in Las Vegas, check out our suggestions below! Remember those days from your youth when you used to take your model digging machines to the playground sandbox and spend hours moving piles of sand around? Well, only in Las Vegas, you can get the unique experience … [Read more...]

Some Facts About the New Las Vegas Hotels


The Las Vegas strip concentrates in a very small space some of the world's most famous and impressive hotels. While most of the hotels in this area feature amazing shows, themes and – of course – plenty of gambling, the trend in new Las Vegas hotels is to avoid themes and casinos in favor of luxurious, trendy, boutique hotels. Most of the time, these hotels also include luxury residential units and spas. The three newest hotels on the Las Vegas strip were opened in 2009 (one more – the Harmon hotel – remains unopened due to severe structural failures in its construction). Here are some facts about the three new Las Vegas Hotels. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was originally intended to be composed mostly of luxury residential units. Due to the global recession in the later part of … [Read more...]

Romantic Las Vegas Activities for Couples


Although it is known as Sin City, there are plenty of romantic Las Vegas activities for couples. It is a great place for you to woo your significant other, and you can even get married. Boasting some of the best restaurants and hotels, Las Vegas activities for couples are plentiful and you do not have to look too hard to find them. Even so, here are some tips to find the best places for you and your date. For a great romantic view, there are many different options. The view from the Eiffel Tower (yes, there is one outside of Paris, France) is quite romantic, as well as the observation deck of the Stratosphere Tower. Many restaurants offer amazing views to accompany your meal, most notably the restaurants at the Bellagio with a breathtaking view of the fountains. Many hotel suites also specialize … [Read more...]

Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas


There are so many things about the city of Las Vegas that make it such a wonderful vacation experience.  Aside from offering hundreds of beautifully appointed hotels and casinos with first rate service, there are also hundreds of top rated restaurants to choose from. I’m not referring to all the buffets offered in Vegas, although some of those are great when you’re on a budget.  I’m referring to the hundreds of fine dining establishments that Vegas has to offer, more specifically, the Italian restaurants in Las Vegas. The top 10 Italian restaurants in Las Vegas appear on that list for many different reasons.  One of the restaurants mentioned is Battista’s Hole in the Wall, located behind the Flamingo ,which is family owned and has been serving Vegas for over 30 years.  Their … [Read more...]

Free Things to Do in Las Vegas—Views and Reviews Aplenty!


Free things to do in any city are fun, but free things to do in Las Vegas are spectacular! Have you ever thought of participating in a research program for fun? Well, in Las Vegas you can easily do that by taking part in the CBS Television City Research Center surveys! Form part of the viewing audience of the latest material from CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon and other Viacom networks, and register your ratings on electronic test pads and monitors. Now, at last you’ll know that your opinion truly counts! Got an evening free—then why not join in the fun at the Show in the Sky? Featuring artistes and members of the public (you can also join in for a small charge) in spectacular contemporary costumes and an incredibly talented cast of singers and dancers, the show is absolutely riveting from start … [Read more...]

Fun Las Vegas Activities for Kids


When you go on vacation, you cannot leave the kids at home. You sometimes want a place with things to do for adults, and Sin City is just that place but are there any Las Vegas activities for kids? The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Kids will love Las Vegas. It is filled with entertainment, restaurants, activities and shows catered toward the youngest members of the family. There is plenty to do and see for the little ones. Let us start with where to stay. Hotels like Excalibur, Circus Circus and Mandalay Bay are quite close to the kid-friendly activities and are a favorite for families. The big well-known places, like the Mirage and the MGM Grand are also great choices for families with kids. In addition, most casinos have child-care facilities, arcades and movie theaters and, if you … [Read more...]