Free Things to Do in Las Vegas—Views and Reviews Aplenty!

Free things to do in any city are fun, but free things to do in Las Vegas are spectacular! Have you ever thought of participating in a research program for fun? Well, in Las Vegas you can easily do that by taking part in the CBS Television City Research Center surveys! Form part of the viewing audience of the latest material from CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon and other Viacom networks, and register your ratings on electronic test pads and monitors. Now, at last you’ll know that your opinion truly counts!

Got an evening free—then why not join in the fun at the Show in the Sky? Featuring artistes and members of the public (you can also join in for a small charge) in spectacular contemporary costumes and an incredibly talented cast of singers and dancers, the show is absolutely riveting from start to finish. And, in fact, there’s not only one show each evening, but three entirely different productions each night. The variety is also impressive, ranging from pop and Latin to burlesque. What a night to remember!

Are you a Western fan? Do you look back longingly to the peace and quiet of yesteryear? In Las Vegas you can view the Sunset Stampede at Sam’s Town, located in Mystic Falls Park, and featuring a 25,000-square-foot live forest inside an atrium. True family entertainment, the show features animatronic beasts of the forest, including a wolf, a bear and an eagle. Combining the eight-minute long show with a leisurely stroll through the verdant undergrowth, tumbling waterfalls and a chattering rivulet will give you amazing insights into this region. The whole ambience is rustic and charming, as the Park makes use of natural materials like wood, stone and rush to add to the tranquillity of the scene.

These are just a few of the free things to do in Las Vegas, and there are lots, lots more.

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