Which Vegas Attractions Should I Visit?


The number of interesting Vegas attractions is always on the rise, as the city evolves all the time with new businesses coming and going – so if you’ve never paid a visit to Las Vegas before, it can definitely be easy to get confused over where to go and what to see on your first stay. We can advise you to have your plans ready and prepared before setting off on your trip, as otherwise you’ll constantly get distracted by new opportunities to spend your time (and money) and you may end up losing a lot of time just roaming the streets. If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, one of the best Las Vegas attractions for you is the Springs Preserve, a place with significant value both in cultural as well as historical terms. This is the site of several springs which dried up several … [Read more...]

Must-See Las Vegas Attractions


When you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, you should definitely take some time beforehand to plan everything carefully and ensure that you know exactly where you’re going to go and what you want to see. You’ll quickly find that there are numerous Las Vegas attractions that may grab your attention, and if you’re not prepared properly for your trip you may waste a lot of time just roaming around and wondering where to go next. A little bit of preparation can go a long way towards avoiding this though, so here are a few ideas which you may want to consider including in your plans! The first thing we can advise you is to go easy on the casinos. Everyone loves that aspect of Las Vegas, but you shouldn’t concentrate on it too much, because you’ll miss out on some of the more interesting … [Read more...]

Some Facts About the New Las Vegas Hotels


The Las Vegas strip concentrates in a very small space some of the world's most famous and impressive hotels. While most of the hotels in this area feature amazing shows, themes and – of course – plenty of gambling, the trend in new Las Vegas hotels is to avoid themes and casinos in favor of luxurious, trendy, boutique hotels. Most of the time, these hotels also include luxury residential units and spas. The three newest hotels on the Las Vegas strip were opened in 2009 (one more – the Harmon hotel – remains unopened due to severe structural failures in its construction). Here are some facts about the three new Las Vegas Hotels. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was originally intended to be composed mostly of luxury residential units. Due to the global recession in the later part of … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Kids Attractions


Las Vegas kids attractions are as much fun as you can have on vacation. At the top of the list in kids attractions are the theme parks, with breathtaking rides and roller coasters, museums that offer hands-on experience and national parks to explore. Vegas is home to multiple theme parks to choose from with rides that are both fun and downright scary. Adventure Canyon’s log ride boasts a 35-foot drop into the water below, but hold on to your guns…you’ve got to shoot those bandits! On the other hand, hop into the beloved Chaos’ Tilt-A-Whirl at Circus Circus and enjoy the topsy-turvy ride. Check out the Atomic Testing Museum where you can learn through interactive displays, the history of nuclear testing. Check how radioactive you are. Art lovers can take in the masterpieces at … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Attractions for Kids


Las Vegas invites all kids to savor its many attractions. Kids can enjoy bowling centers with cosmic bowling, extensive interactive activities, theme parks, music concerts, museums, and video games in the hotel rooms. If excitement is the goal, theme parks are the destination. These Las Vegas attractions for kids include rides with a 160-foot tower launch, a careening rollercoaster with a 155-foot drop, and the 55-mph Canyon Blaster rollercoaster featuring the double-corkscrew and double-loop. For mystery enthusiasts, CSI: The Experience includes two crime labs and three crime scenes—a hands-on exhibit that requires crime-solving skills. Kids can visit a 117,000-gallon aquarium featuring fish feeding and a mermaid show daily, as well as sharks and stingrays up close and personal. Chocolate … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Tourist Attractions


Las Vegas is a city where there is always somewhere to eat, somewhere to play, somewhere to shop, and something to see. Vegas is full of culinary fanfare to enjoy. There are restaurants featuring original culinary collations spotlighting style, extensive top-class dining choices featuring executive chefs, French cuisine serving gourmet plates partnered with an outstanding view, global buffets offering eats from around the world, steak houses, prima Italian feasts, Indian dining, authentic Mexican, Asian elegance, rustic dining, grills, food courts, and cafes. Experience Las Vegas with a flight on a hot air balloon or a helicopter ride. Take a ground tour on an ATV, Desert Racecar, Hummer, or even on horseback. Las Vegas tourist attractions are all-encompassing, offering up a variety of … [Read more...]