Explore Interesting New Cuisine in Vegas


Food is one of the rarely mentioned attractions of Vegas, but the place actually offers numerous different restaurants that can satisfy any taste in existence, even if you’re after some more exquisite or unique food. In fact, if you’re in Vegas, it’s absolutely mandatory that you set aside some time for exploring the local food scene. There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye, and even if you don’t consider yourself a foodie, you will probably still find lots of exciting new flavors here. Cooks from all over the world flock to Vegas regularly to work at the local restaurants and even open their own, and you’re definitely not short on options if you want to try out something new and exotic. For example, if you’re looking for some tasty Hawaiian meals, you should drop by the … [Read more...]

Get a Taste of the Best Las Vegas Italian Restaurants


Italian culture is rooted deeply within Las Vegas, and if you’re paying a visit to the city you’ll want to check out some of the exquisite local cuisine. Even though you’ll find plenty of traditional Italian restaurants around, we’d advise you to try out some of the more special ones which have refined their recipes throughout the time and have managed to create a very interesting blend of traditional Italian food and more modern interpretations of various meals which more closely resemble the tastes of the locals. Not all of the best Las Vegas Italian restaurants are located around the strip – you’ll have to walk around a little bit to get all of the quality ones worth visiting. We’ll try to take a look at restaurants from different parts of the city here, as it’s a good … [Read more...]

Italian Restaurants in Las Vegas


There are so many things about the city of Las Vegas that make it such a wonderful vacation experience.  Aside from offering hundreds of beautifully appointed hotels and casinos with first rate service, there are also hundreds of top rated restaurants to choose from. I’m not referring to all the buffets offered in Vegas, although some of those are great when you’re on a budget.  I’m referring to the hundreds of fine dining establishments that Vegas has to offer, more specifically, the Italian restaurants in Las Vegas. The top 10 Italian restaurants in Las Vegas appear on that list for many different reasons.  One of the restaurants mentioned is Battista’s Hole in the Wall, located behind the Flamingo ,which is family owned and has been serving Vegas for over 30 years.  Their … [Read more...]

Romantic Restaurants in Las Vegas


While some people may label Las Vegas as "Sin City", with all the wedding chapels that can be found in Vegas, it could be considered "Romance City" as well.  One of the key elements to a romantic evening is a nice dinner.  Some of the top rated dining experiences you will enjoy could very well be some of the most romantic restaurants in Las Vegas. Rated one of the most romantic restaurants in Las Vegas is the Pearl.  This restaurant offers Cantonese/Shanghai type cuisine.  The Pearl is located inside the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.  The pricing is a little on the higher side but if you're looking for a romantic ambience, you're sure to find it here in this restaurant.  Another restaurant on this list is Joel Robuchon.  This establishment offers French cuisine, which may not be … [Read more...]

Top Restaurants in Las Vegas


One of the best parts of vacationing in Las Vegas is all the great restaurants the city has to offer.  There are quite literally thousands of restaurants to choose from, that offer a huge variety of cuisines ranging from French to Japanese, Italian, American and Fusion.  Choosing the top restaurants in Las Vegas to dine can be difficult, as we all tend to vary in opinion on what makes a great restaurant.  For some it is the food, for others the service and still for others it’s the wine list.  Some individuals tend to measure their favorites based on pricing and still others on the ambience or restaurant’s atmosphere. Another great thing about the better restaurants is that "top" restaurant doesn't necessarily mean most expensive.  Depending on your particular palate, you … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Activities for Couples – Best Restaurants in Las Vegas


Bellagio Hotel and Casino is among the best places to eat in Las Vegas, for its vast selection of high class restaurants for fine dining, and wonderful selection of casual dining settings. If you want to impress your special someone with award winning fine dining you will find that here, with a James Beard Award-winning restaurant and four Award-winning chefs. If you want to scale it down a little bit you can choose from one of their other four restaurants all set up for a wonderful night of fine dining. If you are in the mood for a more casual dining setting they have the accommodations, this is part of what makes Bellagio’s one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. The Eiffel Tower Restaurant is truly a sight to see and a wonderful place to eat. It sits on the 11th floor of the Eiffel … [Read more...]