Some Facts About the New Las Vegas Hotels

The Las Vegas strip concentrates in a very small space some of the world’s most famous and impressive hotels. While most of the hotels in this area feature amazing shows, themes and – of course – plenty of gambling, the trend in new Las Vegas hotels is to avoid themes and casinos in favor of luxurious, trendy, boutique hotels. Most of the time, these hotels also include luxury residential units and spas. The three newest hotels on the Las Vegas strip were opened in 2009 (one more – the Harmon hotel – remains unopened due to severe structural failures in its construction). Here are some facts about the three new Las Vegas Hotels.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas was originally intended to be composed mostly of luxury residential units. Due to the global recession in the later part of this decade, the project was rethought as a more traditional hotel that follows in the footsteps of the more established businesses on the strip. It is fitted out with a casino and convention halls for event organizers. It also hosts several very well known gourmet restaurants.

The Aria Resort and Casino, the most impressive among new Las Vegas hotels, is the tallest structure in the City center complex. It is known around the world for its technological advancements and incredible energy saving features. It also hosts some amazing shows, such as the Cirque du Soleil. Popular Mechanics has described the Aria as the most technologically advanced hotel in the world.

The Vdara Hotel and Spa has an impressive architectural design. It is a curved reflective tower. This design was mentioned in the news lately, since it results in the focusing of the sun’s rays in a kind of “death ray” by the mirror-like outside walls. This hotel avoids having a theme and does not have a casino. Instead, it goes the route of a luxury boutique hotel. This is not a problem, since it is next to the shows and gambling on the strip.

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