The Ideal Las Vegas Activities for Kids

Taking a trip to Las Vegas can be made ten times more exciting if you bring your kids along with you – but of course, you shouldn’t take that decision lightly, and make sure that you prepare yourself with a good amount of information regarding where you can take the little angels in order to help them have a fun time as much as you. Thankfully, Las Vegas is full of kids-friendly places and there are lots of options to choose from if you’re looking to keep your kids entertained – some of the Las Vegas activities for kids will even be interesting for most grown-ups so don’t be quick to disregard them!

All kids love thrills – well, mostly all kids – and there’s hardly anything that successfully gets your adrenaline pumping better than a rollercoaster! One of the most famous Las Vegas thrill rides is the Desperado, which you can find at Buffalo Bill’s – for a low price, you can have your kids screaming with excitement (mixed with a little bit of fear – though where’s the fun in rollercoasters without that bit!) as they blaze through the skies over Nevada and get a glimpse of the surrounding area from above. That ride is definitely not for everyone though – it has some pretty steep drops and you should ensure that your kids are already at least slightly familiar with a rollercoaster experience before letting them ride on this one!

You can also take the kids on a Willy Wonka-styled experience, at the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory – the M here stands for Mars, as the owner of the factory is none other than the inventor of the Mars candy bar! You can see first-hand how many of the popular Mars products are made, using special recipes that give them a unique taste only found in their own products. There are numerous areas to visit and explore, and if you decide to go on a full tour around the factory, be prepared to take quite a bit of your time. Still, this actually makes this one of the perfect Las Vegas activities for kids if you’re looking to kill a good amount of time, as you can spend hours in there. And of course, reaching the end of your tour presents you with various free samples for you and your kids to enjoy!

On the note of candy, if your kids are into that sort of thing you should check out another one of the popular Las Vegas activities for kids, M&M’s world – the place is quite huge and full of things to see and explore, including an actual 3D cinema and a copy of the original M&M car that took part in NASCAR. The whole place has been decorated in the characteristic colorful style associated with M&M’s, and it’s an absolute joy for kids who love colors and candy. Needless to say, you’ll get a pack of M&M’s when you reach the end of this tour as well, though don’t rush it – there’s a lot you’re going to want to see!

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