Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

There is a whole range of things to do in Las Vegas with kids. In addition to the many shows put on especially for them, kids can take part in a wide variety of fun activities. For the more adventurous at heart, there are countless treats, such as the Adventure Canyon (the old Wild West had nothing on this!), the Adventuredome (America’s largest indoor theme park), and Desperado (featuring a train hurtling at about 80 mph into a tunnel in the desert). While the names alone are enough to give some parents nightmares, your kids will love the thrills and all the activities are well run and professionally supervised. In addition, there are lots more!

Do your kids love solving crimes? Want to get them puzzling out clues? Then try CSI: The Experience, where you’ll all have the chance to crack crimes, just like on the hit TV show of the same name. Your kids will be able to track the criminals down through three crime scenes and practice their investigative skills in two top-notch labs, and more. Don’t be surprised if your kids come out of the experience craving to become forensic pathologists. Can you imagine what fun they will have in your neighborhood after that? Crime Busters Inc, no doubt!

If you feel a bit hung over after a night on the town, why not try relaxing in the great outdoors.  The Floyd Lamb State Park, which covers 2,040 acres northwest of Las Vegas, has picnic areas and barbecues where you will be able to relax.  Relax that is until no doubt your kids get you on the move again, wanting you to play volleyball or to take part in one of the other activities that are on offer—they’ll also have plenty of space in which to romp around! This is a small sample of things to do in Las Vegas with kids—there are many, many more!

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